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Microsoft Gaming

Microsoft Gaming is the division of Microsoft responsible for developing games for the major corporation that is Microsoft. This includes their Xbox system as well as their online gaming community. Microsoft started out as a software company that developed software management systems for businesses. Here, we will explore a bit more about Microsoft Gaming in more detail.

Xbox System

Microsoft released the original Xbox in 2001. The company saw an opportunity to enter the world of gaming and jumped on it. Most people did not believe that Microsoft would be able to compete with Sony and Nintendo, who had been working in the industry for years to build up their reputation, but Microsoft came with plenty of new ideas and had the backing to be successful in a highly competitive market.

Additionally, the Xbox has opened up a whole new world of online gaming. Players can communicate and play games with their friends from all around the world. This online game system has opened up a way for people to play online games through their television and has changed the world of video game consoles.

Today, the Xbox is the second most sold gaming system, only just behind the Nintendo Wii and ahead of the Playstation 3. Microsoft gaming has continued to develop the Xbox to the Xbox 360, and it is soon expected to announce its latest device the Xbox 720 and in 2013 or 2014 gamers will also be able to play online casino games and suft on the internet using xbox.

Online Gaming by Microsoft

Microsoft has had an online gaming platform for a number of years. The company has developed PC games for users. These games are mostly puzzle, word and trivia, card and board games. Microsoft gaming offers both online games and those that can be downloaded or brought to your computer.

The Microsoft gaming department continues to develop on both the above platforms. The latest addition to the Xbox gaming system is the Kinect. This sensor allows players to play games without the use of a controller. In the world of video games, getting children up and moving while they play has become extremely important for many parents.

Spin The Wheel Games

When planning an event, it’s important to introduce some form of entertainment that will keep your guests occupied. A spin the wheel game is the perfect addition to any party and because these games can be played in numerous ways, they will suit people of all ages. Trade shows, store promotions and school carnivals are just some examples of the celebrations that spinning games can be used for. By personalizing wheels with your own graphics and logos, your guests will get the illusion that a lot of thought has gone into planning the affair. For businesses and shows, this will have a major impact on the event outcome. To brainstorm some party ideas, take the following wheel spinning games into account.

Trivia Games

If you want to teach your guests something new during a get-together, trivia games will be a good choice. This spin the wheel game will really test your ability to think quickly and will be effective for broadening your mental capacity. Booking a venue to speak in front of large groups of people and promote a message is made easy when you play trivia games, because everyone’s attention will be captured. Alternatively, spin the wheel and answer questions on regular quiz nights with family and friends.

Prize Games

Everyone will want to get involved with win-a-prize games because the opportunity to be a winner is very appealing. It can be troublesome to entertain young children for hours at a time but by offering prizes such as stuffed animal toys, sporting goods, school equipment and CDs, you can keep kids intrigued. For adult-orientated gatherings, gift cards and bottles of wine can be used as gifts. Win-a-prize games work best in two ways where either each section presents a prize or just a single section, promising at least one winner. If you are feeling generous, use prizes as charity donations.

Fortune Teller Games

While some people may not believe the hype surrounding fortune telling, it is captivating nonetheless. Fortune teller games work best for particular events, such as for Halloween or carnivals. Similar to the Magic 8 Ball game, fortune teller games will focus on question answering. You can create sections of the wheel that say ‘yes’, ‘no’ or ‘maybe’.

Ice Breaker Games

The atmosphere at some parties can be somewhat uncomfortable if you do not know everyone, so why not play ice breaker games? With a spin the wheel game like this, you can invite various guests to play and when they spin the wheel, it will land on a different question. By creating questions such as, ‘Do you have any secrets?’ and ‘

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